Under new Government legislation, with effect from May 2010 properties will only require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), rather than a full Home Information Pack, which must be in place within 28 days of marketing.

This process will invole us instructing an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) to prepare an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) at a cost of £75.

The EPC has been introduced in line with the European Directive for the Energy Performance of Buildings, in a bid to reduce the carbon emissions from domestic dwellings. Almost 40 per cent of the UK’s energy consumption arises from the way in which our homes are lit, heated and used.

The EPC is put together following a visit from an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor who will assess the type of heating system in use in the property, the presence of any insulation, the type of glazing and lighting in place and other factors which contribute to the overall energy use of the dwelling.

A report will be produced after the visit which serves to inform both the current and potential future owners of the property. It will give an overall “A” to “G” rating, using a graph similar to those used on fridges and freezers. The report will offer up suggestions on how the property could be improved in terms of energy efficiency, from smaller tweaks such as replacing ordinary light bulbs with low energy ones and topping up loft insulation, to more significant changes worth considering in the longer term, such as replacing single glazed windows with double glazed units and replacing an old boiler system with a high-efficiency condensing boiler.