During Viewings

Sometimes it can be awkward to know what to do when you have a prospective buyer looking around your home.

Here are a few pointers to help sell your property.

  • Too many introductions are distracting. It is advisable for one person to show the viewer around. Don’t have the whole family trailing behind. This allows the buyer to concentrate on the house.
  • Offer the viewers a drink to make them feel welcome.
  • Noise distracts the buyer. It is best to turn off radios and televisions.
  • Keep pets at a distance. Dogs and cats are a distraction and sometimes a put off. Ideally ask friends or family to look after pets.
  • When expecting night viewings turn on any outside lights and have the whole house lit when the time of the appointment nears.
  • Never apologise for the appearance of your home. It will only draw attention to something which may otherwise have gone unnoticed.
  • Keep valuables out of sight.